Holistic Hospital
Economic growth and rapid urbanization in India have resulted in increased prevalence of lifestyle related diseases. In regular hospitals the focus is on eliminating or controlling disease using drugs and clinical procedures. The wellness of the person is seen as a result of successful elimination of disease from the body. Thus many people are not satisfied with the quality of healthcare received from these hospitals.
Humatrix Health has organized our services to enable conceptualization and establishment of a holistic healthcare delivery system which focuses on the wellness of the person. Holistic healthcare heals the body as well as the mind. The strengths of modern medicine are supported by the traditional / integrated systems of medicine to expedite healing. Preventive and promotive health care is provided so that changes can be made in life style to prevent diseases. Health education, counseling services and palliative care are available under one roof. The holistic health is made accessible to all sections of society because drugs and diagnostic procedures are available at low cost. The hospital is eco-friendly and designed to consume minimum resources. It serves as the base for research on integrated system of medicine in India.
Humatrix’s team of medical architects, community health experts and social scientists has been working in unison to make Holistic Hospital happen, grow and deliver.
We can also transform your existing hospital into a Holistic Hospital system. .