Health System Transformation
Humatrix is committed to transformation of the health systems. We believe that the present healthcare delivery system needs improvements so as to adequately and effectively address the health issues of the people.
We not only provide technical and managerial assistance to bring about improvements in health system at all levels but also provide ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and solutions and work out innovative approaches for impacting positively on health of the people. We facilitate operationalisation of the policy commitments of the Governments.
The distinctive contributions of Humatrix to India’s health are successful demonstration of ICT Application, Designing of ‘Jamuni’ Hospital and Development of Model for Affordable Quality Healthcare. Humatrix has thus been continuously creating inputs for policy advice to the government and socially responsible business models for private sector.
Humatrix is specialized in reviving hospitals that are not functioning well. We transform such ailing institutions into efficient and effective ones. Humatrix has developed a diagnostic tool-kit for measuring performance of the hospitals and quality of services.
We also provide following services:
Facilitate the preparation of policy documents which reflect the goals and aspirations of the organization
Development of Strategic Plans
Leadership Development Programme
Capacity Building
Application of ICT and Development of Telemedicine System
Designing of Community Health Programme of the hospital.