Research & Evaluation
Humatrix specializes in both quantitative and qualitative research in health sector at institutional as well as field level. Humatrix is capable of undertaking large scale studies, Data Analysis, Report writing and Presentations. We have in-house team of multi-disciplinary experts and large number of field workers.
Humatrix has a very experienced team of research scholars, demographers and analysts with decades of experience. Most of this experience has been in the states with most challenging situations for health programming. Apart from the team of senior experts Humatrix has a large number of Research Associates spread over many states in India. These are young graduates/post graduates who have been trained in methods of conducting field surveys. The capacity of this network has been built over last many years through their regular trainings and engagements in conduction of many surveys including NFHS, MICS, Immunization CES, Evaluation of Polio Immunization coverage and qualitative assessment of various related factors, maternal health etc.
Humatrix’s rich experience with public health sector, private medicare institutions & healthcare industry, NGOs and medical & nursing educational institutions enables us to bring the best of each perspective in addressing various health issues. Our services are deeply rooted in our strong technical expertise, rigorous methodology and unshakable professional commitments to address our clients’ challenges.
The research and evaluation assignments executed by Humatrix include the following:
  • Quantitative Research and Surveys
  • Baseline / End line Research
  • Formative Research
  • Situational Analysis
  • Case Control Studies
  • Evaluation of Programmes in Health and related sectors namely Nutrition, Water, Sanitation, Education and Women’s Empowerment
  • Community based Field Trials
Humatrix has also carried out Operations Research related to Women Reproductive Health, Telemedicine, Neonatal Health and Child Nutrition. Some of the evaluation studies carried out by Humatrix spread across the state or country.