Careers with Humatrix Health
If you desire to contribute to positive impact on health systems and looking for career opportunities, you may like to think of Humatrix Health.
Career Opportunities for Young Talented Graduates
Humatrix Health provides perfect grooming and learning ground for graduates who aspire to be health management consultants.
With Humatrix Health you can make a difference in the lives of millions by transforming health systems in corporate and government sectors through your strategic thinking, innovative approaches and facilitating shift in the existing paradigm. In the process you shall experience career transformation along with the growth of the company and ensuring your accomplishments.
At Humatrix, we nurture your ambitions.
Career Opportunities for Experienced Professionals
Humatrix is essentially a group of high calibre professionals with rich experience. They are leading experts in their chosen fields. Experienced professionals are welcome to join our team and avail the opportunities to apply their expertise, dynamism and wisdom in working out innovative solutions for our clients.
Humatrix offers you excellent opportunities to grow professionally and enjoy rewarding careers.
We look forward to your expertise that will enhance our Consulting Teams which are known for original ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, innovative solutions that our clients need to be more efficient and effective.
Our focussed areas in health sector are :
a) Public Health
b) Hospitals
c) Telemedicine
d) Research & Evaluation.
Send your CV and tell us your career goals.